Nov 6, 2023    Pastor Jackson Garrell

This Bible study explores Solomon's Proverbs to teach the importance of teachability for ministry leaders.

Discussion Guide:

Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share this week's highs and lows.

Q1: What's one thing that stuck out to you from today's message?

Q2: In Proverbs 4:13, Solomon emphasizes holding onto instruction as the key to life. How do you interpret the idea that "understanding is your life"?

Q3: How can a lack of teachability hinder a pastor's effectiveness in guiding others?

Q4: What steps can pastors take to become more teachable and adaptable? Do you find it challenging to accept that you have more to learn?

Q5: Why is it important for pastors to share what they're learning with others? How does transparency in sharing your process impact your relationship with your church?