Jul 8, 2023    Pastor Matt Lundy

This Bible study on Matthew 25 explores the spiritual discipline of stewardship.

Discussion Guide:

Ice Breaker: What is one thing that stood out to you from this message?

Q1: What words come to mind when you think of stewardship?

Q2: Why do you think the owner was so harsh on the third servant? How can we step into similar behavior?

Q3: As pastors, we steward money, influence, resources, and people. Which of this sticks out to you and why?

Q4: What are some ways we can be better stewards of the people within our ministries?

Q5: What are some other areas of stewardship you would add to this list?

Application: Ask yourself if there are any areas in your life you are not stewarding as well as you should be. Ask for God to give you wisdom as you grow in that space.