Feb 7, 2022    Pastor Jackson Garrell

What is your vision for your ministry| Your vision should feel totally impossible without the help of God. That’s the whole point of a God-given vision. If you can easily do it without Divine intervention, then it’s just a goal. Your vision should scare you. It should excite you. And your vision should be so big that it requires God’s help.

In Acts 22, Paul shares his testimony. It all starts with a vision on a dirt road. Let’s study how Paul describes the world-changing, deeply-spiritual vision he receives from God.

Discussion Guide:
Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share what part of ministry is the most fulfilling to you.

Q1: Is there a specific population that you feel called to serve|

Q2: Does anyone have a clear vision for their ministry this year| If so, please share.

Application 1: What's your next step towards making your vision a reality| What are some small steps you can take right now and in the near future|

Next Step: Let's all leave this month with a vision statement for our ministries. Schedule a call with our Pastor using the button on this page to come up with a vision statement together.

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