Authenticity in Ministry

Dec 6, 2021    Pastor Jackson Garrell
Ancient Israel had been waiting on the arrival of their messiah for over a millennium. This world-changing news was at the forefront of every Jewish person’s mind. Everyone assumed, logically so, that the good news would come from someone with a lot of influence. Maybe it would be a high priest, popular prophet, or Instagram influencer. That’s not what happened. The announcement of Jesus came from an eclectic evangelist in the middle of the wilderness named John. We can find a lot of comfort in God’s decision to leverage John the Baptist as the frontrunner to Jesus. It teaches us that God invites unlikely people--like me and you--into His story.

This Bible study examines the impactful ministry of John the Baptist to teach us how to leverage authenticity in our ministries.

Discussion Guide:
Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share one of your weirdest quirks.

Q1: How can God use our unique personalities in our ministries? How have you seen this play out?

Q2: What prevents ministry leaders from being authentically themselves in ministry?

Q3: What "wilderness seasons" do you feel the people in your community are facing? How are you uniquely equipped to help them through these seasons?

Q4: What is a "wilderness season" you have faced? What helped you overcome?

Application: How can you glorify God and help others by being true to your authentic self this month?

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