How do we empower you to start your own virtual small group?

Our team at LFC circles provides a virtual Bible study platform so you can focus on what truly matters—connecting with your community.

A Pastor for Teaching

Our Circles Pastor teaches and records Bible studies so you have content that is ready to share with your group. We will work together to choose Bible study series that will be most impactful for your group’s conversation and connection.

A Chaplain for Individual Support

All of our circles are provided with a Chaplain who offers free and confidential one-on-one support. Your circle members can meet with your Chaplain over Zoom on a regular basis, or whenever they are seeking guidance. 

A Leadership Coach

A personal contact on our team is available to help you put your mission into motion.  We will work together to learn your circle's unique needs and create a custom experience that best serves them.

A Library of Bible Study Content

Your circle’s conversation is driven by the Bible study messages chosen for your group. We will help you  pick a variety of messages that speak hope into the common pain-points of your community.

The LFC circles App & Platform

Your circle will be featured on the LFC circles App and website, giving your group a user-friendly platform to chat, watch messages, meet, submit prayer requests, and connect with a Chaplain.

Technology Management

Our team manages all of the technology necessary to run a small group Bible study online so you can simply start your Zoom calls and focus on developing meaningful relationships.

Are you ready to start a circle?

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself as you consider starting a circle of your own:
  1. What community will your circle reach?
  2. What is inspiring you to start a small group Bible study for this community?
  3. What are common pressures or challenges in this unique community? 
  4. How much involvement and influence do you currently have in this community?

Resources to Help you get Started

Meet with our Team

Let's connect to hear your vision for your group & discuss how the LFC circles platform could help you get started!

Choose a Series

Every circle can benefit from studying Bible stories and messages that are relatable  for their unique lifestyle.

Find a Co-Leader

You will want to find another person who shares your vision for your circle so you can work together to lead.

I'm Interested in Starting a Circle.
Let's Connect!