One Lost Sheep

Sep 14, 2021
This 15-minute Bible study explores the parable where Jesus compares us to a lost sheep.

Discussion Guide:
Ice Breaker: Go around your circle and share this week's highs and lows (the best part of your week and the lowest part of your week).
Q1: What is one thing that stood out to you in today's message?
Q2: What does this parable reveal about Jesus's feelings for you as an individual? 
Q3: Have you ever been able to relate with the one lost sheep? 
Q4: As we strive to love others like Jesus loves us, how does this parable inspire you to care for your family and friends? 
Q5: When we rebel or distance ourselves from God like the lost sheep, how can we expect Him to treat us?
Application: What's one way you'd like to apply this message to your daily life this week?

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