How to Handle Mistakes in Ministry

Sep 12, 2022    Pastor Jackson Garrell

The Bible does not promise a perfect life. On the contrary, living in God's Kingdom means we often find ourselves in the crosshairs of our own errors. Since mistakes in ministry are inevitable, we should learn how to face them head-on.

Let's explore the wisdom of King Solomon in Proverbs 24 for some Biblical perspective on handling mistakes.

Discussion Guide:

Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share the best event you've ever been a part of at your church.

Q1: What's one thing that stood out to you from today's message| Q2 Part 1: Share one failure that you've experienced in your ministry.

Part 2: What were your mistakes?

Part 3: Did any bad habits trigger it?

Part 4: What can you learn?

Part 5: What's your next move?

Q3: How can we grow after making mistakes in ministry?

Q4: How can we maintain confidence in our callings after making mistakes?

Application: What's the most important thing you've learned from past mistakes| Think of one program or event you have coming up. How can you apply that lesson| Next Step: Schedule a call with Pastoral Support to discuss this message with our pastor and dive in on a more personal level.

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