Busy Seasons of Ministry

Mar 7, 2022    Pastor Jackson Garrell

Pastors are busy. Our calendars fill up. Our planners are packed. We sometimes struggle to keep our heads above water while swimming in our all responsibilities. Busyness is normal, but it’s not always healthy. We want to help you connect with God during your upcoming busy seasons.

In this devotional, we examine Colossians 3:23-24 line by line to give us a framework for experiencing God during busy seasons.

Discussion Guide: Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share one thing that stood out to you from today's devotional.

Q1: Has there ever been a time when your project load was overwhelming| How did it impact you and your ministry?

Q2: What does it look like to approach our work with a mindset of worship?

Application: List out 1-3 tasks before you, then apply this framework: "When I ____________, God uses it to _____________."

Next Step: Our primary goal is to encourage and support you when things get busy. Schedule a call this month for us to talk about your personal busy seasons, then we will examine the spiritual outcomes that come from our practical tasks, roles, and responsibilities.

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