King Solomon

Feb 27, 2023    Pastor Jackson Garrell

This Bible study on the Kings of Israel surveys the wisdom, wealth, and works of King Solomon.

Discussion Guide:

Ice Breaker: Go around your circle and share this week’s highs and lows. What was the best part of your week, and what was the lowest part of your week?

Q1: If God told you he would give you any gift you asked for, what would you request from Him?

Q2: What stuck out to you from this message? 

Q3: What is the wisest advice you’ve ever been given? How did it benefit you?

Q4: What practical things can you do to grow in wisdom? 

Q5: Solomon made the Temple, but God made you into a temple too. How should this change the way you live? 

Q6: “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” What do you think Jesus means by this claim? 

Application: You are an ambassador to “the Kingdom of Heaven.” That means you should find ways to carry the Kingdom with you. Ask for God to show you opportunities to do that this week. 

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