Balancing Your Family and Ministry This Christmas

Dec 5, 2022    Pastor Matt Lundy

Christmas and Easter services have always been considered our highest priority services. Unfortunately, pastors can unintentionally allow their families to come second to their churches around this time. So how can we better navigate the holiday season without forsaking our families|

A healthy ministry starts with a healthy family. Let’s study 1 Timothy 3 to examine Paul's advice for healthy leadership at home and in the church.

Discussion Guide:
Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and tell us your favorite Christmas movie.

Q1: What's one thing that stood out to you from today's message|

Q2: What excuses have you heard or used yourself to put ministry ahead of your family|

Q3: What does it mean to you to be “a good leader in your home|”

Q4: What are practical ways you can spend intentional time with your family this holiday season|

Q5: What is 1 adjustment you can make to your calendar today to communicate to your family and your team that you are prioritizing your family|

Application: Take time this week to work through your calendar and set aside days for your family. Then communicate those dates to your leaders, family, and team members.

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