The Importance of Community

Oct 4, 2021    Pastor Jackson Garrell

Peter calls us “living stones.” Why would he use that metaphor| Think about it. By yourself, you are a mere rock. But when you come together with other people you can make something amazing. The Great Wall of China is just some stones. The pyramids are made up of a bunch of bricks. This passage teaches that Jesus is building His church — with us.

Simply put, don’t do ministry alone. You were created for community. Let's study 1 Peter 2:5-6 to understand God's vision for ministry leaders to build His Kingdom together.

Discussion Guide: Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself by sharing your name, where you live, your role in your ministry, and what brings you to the Pastor Circle.

Q1: As a pastor, what does a good support system look like in your personal and spiritual life?

Q2: What are the potential dangers of pastors isolating themselves and hiding their struggles?

Application: Connect with another ministry leader who you can trust to encourage you personally, spiritually, and in your ministry.

Next Step: If you're looking for a community of pastors, we'd love to have you join the Pastor Circle! Schedule a call with our Pastoral Support Team to learn more and begin connecting with ministry leaders who want to support you.

The Pastor Circle is a virtual small group for ministry leaders to gather for monthly Bible studies followed by round table discussions in Zoom. We meet on the first Monday of every month from 12:30-1:05pm EST. You can sign up for the Pastor Circle by clicking the "Sign Up" button on this page.