Sep 28, 2021    Pastor Brian Atkins
This 15-minute Bible study explores the story of David to teach us modern lessons from an ancient character.

Discussion Guide
Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share this week's highs and lows (the best part of your week and the lowest part of your week).
Q1: What stuck out to you the most about David?
Q2: What character traits helped David develop into a "man after God's own heart?"
Q3: What's one godly characteristic that you'd like to work on developing? How can you grow in that area in your current season of life?
Q4: What season of life do you find yourself in right now? How can you focus on your personal and spiritual growth to prepare yourself for whatever God might call you to next?
Application: What's one thing you can commit to doing every day this week to develop into a person "after God's own heart?"

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