Healthy Rhythms of Rest

Nov 1, 2021    Pastor Jackson Garrell
When Moses delivered the Ten Commandments to Israel, there were some obvious commandments. Don’t kill. Don’t lie. We can all get behind those, but there is an interesting command towards the beginning of Exodus 20. God instructs us to “remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” Many pastors would reply, “I work all weekend, so am I stuck in disobedience?” Not at all. Sabbath is less about a specific day on the calendar and more about a core value. You should prioritize a day of rest every single week. The word “Sabbath” literally translates to “rest.”

Let's study the Fourth Commandment and learn how we can apply healthy rhythms of rest in our lives.

Discussion Guide:
Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share this week's highs and lows.

Q1: What's one thing that stuck out to you from today's message?

Q2: What are some common obstacles to pastors getting healthy rest?

Q3: Read Matthew 11:28. What does this verse say about intentional rest? What is the difference between authentic "Sabbath Rest" and simply relaxing?

Q4: Of the three rest rhythms--daily, weekly, and annually--which do you find the hardest?

Q5: What could help you practice God-honoring rest in your own routine?

Application: How do you plan on applying healthy rhythms of rest to your life?

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