How to Worship When You're in a Rut

Nov 7, 2022    Pastor Jackson Garrell

The church is a second home to most of us. We know the building like the back of our hands. I bet you can find stuff in the church storage closet easier than you can find stuff in your own garage. It’s not just the building either. We memorize the songs, recite the prayers, and can deliver an altar call at the drop of a hat. We are so well acquainted with our practices that we can lose sight of their power. Our perspective can get blurry to the glory. Due to our familiarity, our sense of wonder can slowly erode. So how can we worship even when the church is our place of work| <|p>


King David's job was to help his people connect with Yahweh in worship, but he got stuck in a rut. He was so focused on their experience that He missed out on his own. He wrote the words of Psalm 40 as a call for God to make His presence and power clear -- even though he was struggling to experience either. Let's study Psalm 40 as King David calls God to make His presence and power clear — even though he was struggling to experience either. <|p>


Discussion Guide: <|p>

Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and what form of worship helps you best connect with God. Q1: What's one thing that stood out to you from today's message| <|p>

Q2: King David teaches us to "wait with anticipation" before worship. What does it look like for church leaders to embrace anticipation in our roles as leaders| <|p>

Q3: How can familiarity get in the way of our worship| What can we do to rediscover our wonder and awe for God| <|p>

Q4: What can you incorporate into your weekly routine to help you worship Jesus| <|p>


Application: Be intentional in worship: <|p>

1. Set aside time daily to worship <|p>

2. During your commute, play worship music. <|p>

3. Stand in the back during the worship portion of your next service and fully engross yourself in the worship experience. <|p>


Next Step: Schedule a call with Pastoral Support to discuss this message with our pastor and dive in on a more personal level. <|p>


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