Prioritizing People As Pastors

Jan 10, 2022    Pastor Jackson Garrell

Ministry is busy. Our calendars fill up. We have more meetings than time. We have to write messages, fix the pro-presenter computer, and then figure out how to use pro-presenter. Tasks are an inescapable part of being a church leader. However, tasks are not the top priority for pastors. We need to recalibrate our strategies to prioritize what truly matters the most: people.

Our jobs are not about programs, production, or youth group pizza. They're about our people. Specifically, helping people meet Jesus and grow closer to Him.

Let's study the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus to learn how we can prioritize our people as pastors.

Discussion Guide: Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share one goal you have for the new year.

Q1: What tasks can prevent us from actually prioritizing the people in our ministries?

Q2: How could you better serve and connect with the people in your ministry?

Q3: How have you seen God work through a personal connection you've formed with someone in your ministry in the past?

Q4: Who is one person in your ministry who you'd like to connect with this year to make a difference in their life| Name them and take initiative to get to know them.

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