What is a Circle?

Apr 27, 2021    Pastor Jackson Garrell & Chaplain Tom O'Connor
This 15-minute Bible study discusses the importance of community. It’s tough to feel stuck. It’s even tougher to feel stuck all by yourself. Whether you are working through tragedy, healing after heartbreak, or battling emotional burnout, you are going to feel stuck at some point in your life. Don’t go through that stuff alone. That is why the Bible teaches that we are supposed to “share each other's burdens.” When someone you know is hurting, help them. When you are hurting, seek help. Friendship is God's answer for hardship.

Join the Equestrian Circle every Tuesday night at 6pm EST in the LFC circles app or on www.LFCcircles.com for a 15-minute live-streamed Bible study, followed by a Zoom call to connect with other members of the horse world.

If you are seeking support beyond your circle, you can contact a Chaplain for free and confidential one-on-one sessions by using the "Connect with a Chaplain" button above, or emailing Tom O'Connor at toconnor@mmcglobal.com.