Jesus Walks on Water

Mar 22, 2022

This Bible study on miracles explores the story of Jesus walking on water in Mark 6 to help us learn how to rely on God's presence during life's storms.

Discussion Guide:

Icebreaker: Introduce yourself and share your highs and lows from the week (the best part of your week and the lowest part of your week).

Q1: Summarize this miracle of Jesus walking on water. How could this be a metaphor?

Q2: Jesus didn’t immediately calm this storm. Why do you think that is important for us to understand?

Q3: How do you typically respond to life’s storms? How can you change your response to focus more on Jesus and less on your storm?

Q4: What distractions keep you from looking to Jesus when you’re going through challenging times?

Q5: How could drawing near to God during tough times change the way you respond to everything life’s throwing at you?

Application: What’s one thing you can do to shift your focus off your problems and onto Jesus?

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