Navigating Different Seasons in Ministry

Oct 3, 2022    Pastor Matt Lundy

Seasons in life are going to change. Just like the weather jumps from Spring to Summer, our lives are going to jump from peaks to valleys. From planting to harvest. From joy to sadness. Changes in life’s seasons are inevitable. We can’t stop them from coming. We can’t control them. And we can’t avoid the fact that they will affect our day-to-day lives. Changes in our season of life can be frustrating, and many times it seems, we associate the mountaintops with God’s blessing while the valleys feel like His judgment. However, that’s not what the teacher from Ecclesiastes tells us.

Let’s study Ecclesiastes 3 to learn how we embrace different seasons of life.

Discussion Guide:

Icebreaker: Introduce yourself and tell us your favorite season and why.

Q1: What’s one thing from today’s teaching that stood out to you?

Q2: Are you currently in a mountaintop or valley season of ministry? How has that impacted your relationship with God?

Q3: What are some things you have tried to “hold onto” that were in fact just smoke or vapor?

Application: Apply these steps. Put them on your calendar. Pick a day to simply rest & reflect, a day to intentionally ask God “what’s next|” and a day to plan the steps to keep moving.

Next Step: Find a friend who may be in a hard season. Have coffee with them, give them a call, or invite them to lunch. Let them know you are there for them.

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