The Importance of Accountability

Aug 1, 2022    Pastor Matt Lundy

Accountability is vital in so many aspects of our lives. Starting a new workout regime| We like to find someone to text us every day asking if we made it to the gym. Trying a new eating protocol| You can beneit from a health coach checking your food journal every week. One of the greatest tools in addiction recovery is accountability partners. Accountability seems to be everywhere because it works.

Now more than ever, pastors and leaders need accountability. But how do we start that process| Who do we go to| What does it look like to have someone hold us accountable| Let's study one of the most well-known leadership failures in scripture -- the story of David & Bathsheba -- to learn the value of accountability and godly mentorship.

Discussion Guide:

Ice breaker: Introduce yourself and share your highs and lows from the week (the best part of your week and the lowest part of your week).

Q1: What sticks out to you about the story of David, Bathsheba, and Nathan?

Q2: Do you have a mentor in your life already| Do they have permission to speak openly and honestly with you?

Q3: What may prevent ministry leaders from actively connecting with a mentor?

Q4: What's one aspect of your personal life or church life that requires accountability?

Q5: Think of someone who is currently doing really well in that area of life. What do you admire about them?

Application: Ask God to show you someone in your life who could mentor you and hold you accountable. Ask them to coffee to begin pursuing a mentor|mentee relationship.

Next Step: Schedule a call with our Pastoral Support team. A pastor on our staff would love to connect with you, learn about your ministry, and discuss this message to help you find a mentor and accountability.

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