Improving Your Prayer Life as a Pastor

May 1, 2022    Pastor Jackson Garrell

We are pastors. This means that we are essentially professional believers. When your faith becomes your vocation, it's easy to let your spiritual disciplines slip into the rhythms and routines of the work week.

Prayer and Bible study find themselves squeezed between staff meetings and trips to Costco. We must get back to basics. What does it look like when our ministries overflow from a healthy prayer life| How should we pray for our people| What should we do when our conversations with God grow disorganized and distant| Let's explore the words of Jesus in Matthew 6 when he taught his disciples, the founding pastors of Christianity, how to pray. This acts as a framework for our own faith formation.

Discussion Guide:

Ice Breaker: Introduce yourself and share some things we can pray for in your ministry.

Q1: What stood out to you from today's message?

Q2: What work-related obstacles can get in the way of our prayer lives| How can we overcome them?

Q3: Out of the three “R’s” from this message (Rejoice, Reflect, Request), is there one that is more difficult for you to remember in your daily prayer life?

Application: What could you do to integrate prayer into your daily routine this week?

Next Step: Set up a phone call with our Pastoral Support team so we can be praying for you, your family, and your ministry.

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