Build your Team

There are 3 core roles that need to be filled for your circle to be ready to launch. Use these team roles and responsibilities to think of people who share your vision and invite them to be a leader in your circle. The number of people necessary to fill each role depends on the size of your group. Some circles can thrive with one leader, while other large circles with multiple discussion groups require many leaders. We will discuss the optimal number of leaders for your group when we connect. 

Circle Leader

  • Communicates with our LFC team to establish schedules, choose series, and strategize
  • Promotes the group in your community
  • Builds personal relationships with members inside & outside of group time
  • Prays for your members
  • Recruits zoom leaders and discussion leaders as needed 

Zoom Leader

  • Starts the zoom call, broadcasts the pre-recorded message, and opens breakout rooms

Discussion Leader

  • Consistently attends each week of the series for which they are leading a discussion group
  • Learns their group members’ names
  • Facilitates the conversation 
  • Follows-up with group members to build relationships throughout the week