The Business Leader Circle

An Online Community for Business Leaders
The health of a business is easily determined by its revenue, profit margin, cash flow and culture. The health of a business leader isn’t so easily measured. Your personal and spiritual life is impacting your ability to lead. That’s why we created the Business Leader Circle to bring motivated business leaders together in pursuit of healthy perspectives, mindsets, relationships and souls.

Community Bible Studies

Join your circle on Zoom for Bible studies that bring faith and perspective into high-stress lifestyles.


Meet like-minded leaders who share your values and care about your holistic wellbeing.

Corporate Coach

Schedule a 1-on-1 call with our Corporate Coach to discuss your personal or professional life.
All services provided and promoted by LFC circles are free of charge to the leaders in our circle. The Corporate Circle is a ministry of Leaders Following Christ that receives all funding from the LFC Network. Learn more about Leaders Following Christ by clicking here.


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