What is a Circle?

A circle is a small group Bible study that prioritizes 3 core connections:

1. Circles help people connect with God

Every circle gathering provides an opportunity for people to grow closer to Jesus. We start by sharing a short Bible study message that speaks truth and encouragement into common aspects of daily life. Then the impactful spiritual growth takes place during your discussion. As you share your personal experiences, you're able to help each other see how you can apply Biblical principles to grow closer to God.

2. Circles help people connect with each other

Anyone can study the Bible on their own using incredible resources the Church makes available. So what makes a circle special? YOU! The people who come alongside you in a circle and demonstrate God's love through life's ups and downs make all the difference. Finding people who have something in common and bringing them together for fellowship and friendship is a life-giving gift.

3. Circles help people connect with themselves

Every Bible study in the circles curriculum is designed to inspire self-reflection and spiritual growth. As you apply Biblical principles to your daily life you will experience God's renewal in your thoughts, prayers, words, actions, and relationships to grow into the person God created you to be.
Anyone can start a circle in their church, community, or family by choosing a Bible study series, creating a welcoming environment, and participating in open conversation prompted by the discussion guides. Would you like to talk to one of our pastors about starting your circle? Email us at info@ForMinistryResources.com.
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