Circles Curriculum by For Ministry Resoruces

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Most of the Circles curriculum available on the LFC circles App is developed by For Ministry Resources. For Ministry Resources strives to be multi-denominational. As a ministry, it's all about Jesus and the power of God's Word. We do not draw any denominational lines. We are both interdenominational and international. Our resources have been used in Methodist Churches in the Southwest, Baptist Churches in the Northeast, Presbyterian Churches in Europe, Charismatic Churches in Asia, and everywhere in between. Thus, we avoid divisive doctrinal issues like Charismatic vs Cessationist, Arminianism vs Calvinism, and Amillennialism vs Dispensationalism.

Why do we approach our curriculum with this mindset? We desire to tear down every possible barrier so that we can empower and equip every Christian leader regardless or budget or bandwidth.

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Our Curriculum Pastor is available to provide our statement of faith and answer any questions you may have about theology. Email to connect.
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